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Dedicated to combining news, analytics, wagering and more, for actionable content on all major sports.

The Noise Media was founded in 2020 by Max, John, and T.J. in Queens, New York. Phone calls, FaceTimes, garage recording sessions and most importantly a lot of hard work has gone into our content and we hope you all enjoy it! Here’s a little more about our team…

Max Gilson “The Brain” – Max sees himself as the father of The Noise Media. He co-hosts The Noise Podcast and is the main editor of the website. Max leads the way in the analytics department, preaching “smart money” and the use of sabermetrics.

John Kabbani “The Engineer” – John is The Noise Media’s main producer and is in charge of The Noise Podcast, as well as our YouTube Series. John coordinates with guests and has designed our upcoming interview series, “Who’s Next?” Stay tuned.

T.J. Lima “The Talent” – T.J. brings charisma and swagger to The Noise Podcast, which he co-hosts with Max. T.J. is The Noise Media’s leading expert on UFC and Wrestling, which can be seen in his posted articles! He bets with his heart, but his knowledge of the fighting scene is unmatched.

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