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Ep.29 – NBA Playoff Matchups, MLB Thoughts

Max and TJ talk about potential matchups for Jon Jones as he makes the move to heavyweight. They also give their thoughts on the old school/new school MLB controversy surround budding star Fernando Tatis Jr. Stay tuned for more MLB betting tips as well as some breakdowns on the NBA and NHL playoffs.

UFC – (0:30-10:55)
MLB – (10:56-23:20)
NBA – (23:21-30:52)
NHL – (30:53-38:47)

Ep.28 – Fantasy Football Questions, UFC 252 Picks

The guys kick this episode off giving out the details on the Seahawks/Kemah Siverand fiasco and then answer some listener submitted fantasy football questions. In preparation for a huge UFC 252 card, Max and TJ break down key matchups including Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier 3 and give out their best bets. 

NFL News – (0:31-3:25)
Fantasy Football Questions – (3:25-28:00)
UFC 252 – (28:00- 46:45)

Ep.27 – Is CFB Cancelled? NHL First Round Thoughts

Max and TJ react to the Big Ten and PAC-12’s decisions to cancel fall sports. They discuss the widespread impact this could have on college football and what it might mean for bettors. The guys also discuss their thoughts on the first-round NHL matchups, before looking back at some of Max’s ill-placed player award wagers. Listen in for some more information about the next best thing in fantasy football, League 555! TJ gives a run-down of the new content coming out very soon!

CFB – (0:30-10:20)
NHL – (10:21-21:20)
MLB – (21:21-31:40)
UFC – (31:41-35:10)
League 555 – (35:11-40:35)

Ep.26 – UFC Vegas 6 Picks, Intro to League 555

Fantasy Football season is so close we can taste it! The guys introduce our beloved League 555 towards the end of the show. But first, they give out their picks for UFC Vegas 6 and some thoughts and observations across multiple leagues. 

UFC Picks – (1:00-10:24)
NBA – (10:25-13:25)
NHL – (13:26-18:30)
MLB – (18:31-21:25)
League 555 – (21:26-25:58)

Ep.25 – Will MLB Make it? With Guest: Greg Peterson

The MLB season rages on with teams like the Marlins and Cardinals cycling in and out. The guys discuss the state of the league, including some more important betting takeaways with our guest, Greg Peterson. Max and Tj also discuss some thoughts on the NBA and the NHL, including a check-in on our futures.

MLB – (1:04-15:07)
Greg Peterson – (15:07-44:01)
NBA – (44:01-44:31)
NHL – (44:31-49:50)

Ep.24 – The Bubble Begins, UFC Picks with Guest: Yancy Medeiros

The NBA Bubble has kicked off and the guys give out some matchups that they are circling for this weekend. UFC Fighter Yancy Medeiros joins the podcast to talk about Hawaii’s fighting culture, his plant-based diet, as well as tell a story about a scary elevator incident. Also, stay tuned for all of Max and Tj’s picks for this weekend’s fight card!

MLB – (0:49-6:28)
NBA – (6:28-15:35)
Yancy Medeiros – (15:35-40:46)
UFC – (40:46-47:36)

Ep.23 – To Bubble or Not to Bubble with Guest: Danny Burke

MLB is back and the coronavirus is ripping the Marlins apart. The guys discuss what’s next for baseball and look ahead to the upcoming NBA and NHL restarts. VSIN’s Danny Burke joins the show to give advice on how bettors should be approaching the market right now. Listen to get some of Danny’s futures before the NBA and NHL bubble games kick off.

To watch our full conversation with Danny Burke, head to our YouTube Channel!
MLB – (1:43-4:18)
Danny Burke – (4:18-43:18)
NBA – (43:18-47:00)
NHL – (47:00-52:47)

Ep.22 – MLB Opening Weekend, UFC Fight Island 3 with Guest: Oluwale Bamgbose

The guys fill you in on all the important news coming out these past few days, from the NHL’s new team announcement to the return of Iron Mike Tyson. Max describes how the MLB’s recent decision to expand the playoffs affects the betting market and your futures portfolios. Former UFC Fighter Oluwale Bamgbose joins the podcast to talk about his career and some of the hurdles a UFC fighter must get through to succeed. He also gives the guys some advice on how to break down some key main-event matchups, including Till vs. Whittaker. Listen to get Max and Tj’s plays and predictions for this Saturday’s card.

To watch our full interview with Oluwale Bamgbose, head to our YouTube channel! Like and subscribe!
Updates and Analysis on Recent News – (0:40-15:22)
Oluwale Bamgbose – (15:23-47:18)
UFC Picks – (47:19-58:28)
MLB – (58:29-1:05:25)

Ep.21 – The Fantasy Baseball Special with Guest: Mike Kurland

With the regular season quickly approaching, it’s time for baseball fans to get their last minute fantasy drafts in! The guys are joined by Mike Kurland, host of The Bases Loaded Pod, to go over some general thoughts about drafting for the shortened 2020 season. Max and TJ deliver their top ten players and Mike gives out a few “sleepers” for your draft!

To watch our full conversation with Mike Kurland head over to our YouTube channel. Drop us a like and subscribe while you’re there!
UFC Recap – (0:33-7:30)
Mike Kurland – (7:30-50:22)
The Noise Fantasy Baseball – (50:22-1:01:38)

Ep.20 – Washington in Hot Water, UFC picks with Guest: Smile’n Sam Alvey

The guys discuss the bombshell Washington Post article exposing the rampant sexual misconduct within the (former) Redskin’s organization. Smile’n Sam Alvey joins the show to talk about his career and about the Make Me Smile Challenge. Stay tuned for his thoughts on Figueiredo vs. Benavidez, as well as all of Max and Tj’s picks.

To watch our full interview with Sam Alvey, head to our YouTube channel!
Washington Post – (1:05-5:38)
Figueiredo vs. Benavidez 2 – (5:38-27:02)
Sam Alvey – (27:02-52:13)

Ep.19 – UFC 251 Reaction, Fight Night 172 Picks

Max and Tj go over the most important takeaways from UFC 251 and discuss some future matchups. Stay tuned for all of their Fight Night 172 picks, including some big-value underdogs!
Manchester City Ban – (0:51-3:36)
UFC 251 Reactions – (3:36-23:13)
Fight Night 172 – (23:13-37:48)

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