WWE: World Wrestling’s Essential

Congratulations, you’ve just been born. A brand new being on this wonderful planet. Like all beings, you have needs…“essential” needs. When I say essential needs, you may think of water, food, or even clothing. All of these are fine for average folk. But if you’re from Florida,  you’re not average folk and your governor wants it to be known. That’s why he’s filling your essential need for fake tans and bad storylines and I’m not talking about a Jersey Shore reboot.

That’s right Florida, after (not) much deliberation and deep pockets filled with cash on April 9th the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was deemed essential by the state of Florida. Now things didn’t always seem this insane, a mere week and a half prior, Florida was on the straight and narrow, even going as far as Governor DeSantis saying WWE, “wasn’t exempt” from the previously signed lockdown order.

So you may ask, what changed in a week and a half? Well for one, Florida saw a steady and rapid growth in new cases, reaching its highest recorded numbers at that time. In fact, that week remains the states’ biggest week in new case growth. For an average man, that seems like cause to STOP THE MADNESS!  But not for Jabroni of Jacksonville, who after a nice talk with his buddies over at World Wrasslin’ Entertainment, decided the company could work on an empty arena schedule. The Emergency Operations Center states that the WWE is, “critical to Florida’s economy”. 

The real Stone Cold Stunner in this whole situation is that the WWE has had someone at the company test positive. It’s hard to see how it’s safe to have all these employees in such close quarters given the viruses capabilities and the nature of wrestling itself. To most, it seems as if the WWE used its very large bank account to do “what’s best for business” once again.

Let’s not be totally negative though, this could be a good thing. It’s hard to stay positive at times like this and even Governor DeSantis said the world is “desperate” for “content”. Who knows, maybe an exemption to the rules could keep the door open for companies like AEW or  UFC, who also have the ability to film in Florida, in empty arenas.

As far as entertainment goes,  in these trying times, the future is foggy. Right now the only two entertainment constants are: The Noise and wrestling. Whether or not the WWE’s intentions of keeping wrestling on TV as a whole are pure remains to be seen and only time will tell. However, with a track record of hazy dealings it’s not a terrible idea to keep an eye on them.

WWE: World Wrestling’s Essential
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